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two different pictures with the same caption for each movie and one has an image of princess Photo
I think decide to combine the two, that's how I'm going to end my books.
the words are written in black and white on a sheet of paper that says, me reading
I Heart Books
I feel bad for people who are in the same room with me when I'm reading…you cry reading the death cure and everyone is like wtf and everyone who reads it is like she likes newt
an image of coffee cups with cats on them
cafe nyan – LINE stickers | LINE STORE
画像 - Cafe Nyan by yume32ki -
a stack of cats sitting on top of each other with different colors and shapes in the background
AHHH THEY'RE SO CUTEEEEE (the fifth and bottom cats are my favorite)
the planets are drawn in different colors and sizes, with stars around them on a white background
Astrology: Your Gateway to the Zodiac
planet cats :)