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The airbenders knew this whole time!! Korra would be the last of Avatar of this cycle! Now they need to make a new one for the next cycle.

Korra and the new Avatar cycle - The air benders knew this whole time! Way to share, Air Nomads.

i'm crying

I missed this . Avatar Kora having tea with Zuko ≈Avatar The Last Airbender≈ ≈Legend of Korra≈ <~~~ I never really got into the Legend of Korra but I loved the last air bender, so this is so sweet to me!

one of the best scenes of avatar the last airbender...loopy sokka

Avatar the Last Airbender -- I do that every time a see a murshroom or a murshroom cloud in movies! I love this episode.--- Momo looks like he drank more cactus juice than Soka