Fotografii din istoria omenirii

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Louis Armstrong îi cântă o serenadă soției sale la Sfinx

Louis Armstrong playing for his wife at the Giza Plateau 1961 by Unknown.

Inaugurare Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge opened on May linking Marin to San Francisco. Pedestrians had the bridge to themselves on opening day. The next day, cars started crossing. (Photo provided by the Golden Gate Bridge District)

Stalin în timp ce se strâmba la bodyguard-ul său

Stalin is captured in this photograph by Lt. Nikolai Vlasik, the Soviet dictator’s bodyguard. Vlasik’s off-the-record photos of Stalin caused a sensation in the early when an enterprising.

După ce Suedia a schimbat sensul de mers de pe partea stângă pe partea dreaptă, 1967

First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967 Submission to 'Historic Photos'

Pistol folosit pentru vânătoarea de rațe, 1900

The guns, called punt guns, fired almost a pound of shot, and could kill fifty birds in one shot. Unsurprisingly, they were outlawed when they devastated wild bird populations.

Curs de educație sexuală, 1929

Sex education class EDIT: Apparently, this is from a Movie and thats Clara Bow in the front row.