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Prohibition in the United States was a national ban about the sale, production, and transportation of alcohol (1917 - 1933). The prohibition was supposed to reduce the number of crimes, but in fact, it stimulated the proliferation of rampant underground, organized and widespread criminal activity.

an advertisement for Pither & Leiser, Water Street, Vancouver BC who were selling their stock of alcohol due to prohibition. Dated September

So this is the story we’ve heard… Barts is a speakeasy cocktail bar set in the 1920s prohibition era, run by Chicago gangsters who have set up in London. If you know the password the door is open from 6pm ’til late every day. Uncle Barts’ gangsters are operating their bootlegging activities from this hidden …

So this is the story we’ve heard… Barts is a late-night, speakeasy cocktail bar…

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