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a painting of a young boy in brown and gold with his hand up to his chest
Părintele Ilie Bobăianu
an image of the face of jesus with two angels in the background, painted on wood paneling
an icon of the virgin mary and child jesus
Mihail Alivizakis
Mihail Alivizakis – icoana
an icon depicting the mother and child jesus
#✝ #saint#agios #ikona #greekorthodox#russia #star#merrychristmas #Bethlehem #mothergod#theotokos #holynight #merrychristmas…
a painting on the side of a building with an image of a person holding something in his hand
an image of a painting of a man in front of a cross
a painting of an old man with a child on it's lap and gold trimming
St. Simeon the God-receiver
an old painting of a woman's face
Лучшее топ казино: как выбрать в рейтинге онлайн-казино
Христианское искусство
an artistic painting on the ceiling of a church