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a close up view of the handlebars on a bicycle with a heart sticker
Chappelli Cycles
Chappelli Chrome / badge
a close up of the emblem on a red bike
Bilenky cycle works
a close up of a bike handle with snowflakes on it
Great head tube badge by Black Sheep (via dcycledesign)
a silver ring with a heart on it
Eisenherz - Singlespeed & Classic Bikes
Eisenherz Logo
several different types of bicycles are hanging on the wall with wires attached to each bike
Rapha reviews
Rapha head badge
the handlebars on this red bike are decorated with gold and silver accents,
Great head badge -- Toei
a man with a mustache is holding a drink in front of his face and has an ad on it
Don Walker
Haha, best head badge ever.
a close up of a metal pole with a logo on it
Head Badge Design Process
Dope badge - Ahearne
a close up of a bottle of liquid on a table
Head Badge Gallery
Jupiter King - Japan
a gold and purple belt buckle with an egyptian god on it's head, surrounded by words
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Peugeot Cyrus head badge - Woh! Peugeot and knights all in one. Love.
a gold colored badge with the word paris on it's front and back side
head badge "Le coureur" Paris