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Poops out drawing on

I totally remember this scene from the game. Yoosung makes sure to keep his shoulder clean for MC<< Ahh on my second playthrough of Yoosung’s route and this just happened lol

Mystic messenger

The Mystic Messenger team go to a haunted house! Although I haven't played it before, and don't know much about it, but poor Jumin Han!😟 I also love it when 707 is like "Nope, ain't dealing with this sh--!

Mystic Messenger: Yoosung x MC by BunnyNyan

I recently finished Zen's route♥ but i still prefer Yoosung tho I couldnt get into this one as much as i did for my Mc x Yoosung one tho :/ And fo. Mystic Messenger: Zen x MC

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Here is [Yoosung runs to school because he was gaming until so he got up late: without BG], a commission for ! And thank you to be so patient with my s….

hes so cute-

Yoosung showing his manliness - Mystic messenger I don't know why, but I really like this picture