If you're a fan of High School Musical — all three of them! — then we've got some totally amazing news for you. Zac Efron just dropped an HSM.

Inside the Well-Traveled Sketchbooks of Artist Dina Brodsky

I love the way the faces float above these journal pages: Inside the Well-Traveled Sketchbooks of Artist Dina Brodsky

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My feeling after I read chapter 7 of Naruto Gaiden XD Why did you have to do that to Sarada! I still believe that Karin is not Sarada's mother. Sakura is her real mother! Please make things clear, Sasuke-kun XD


That is so amazing. I love how they did that to her Barbie. My cousin had cancer, she was oy 7 when she passed if you have ever had someone in your family die from cancer repost. This started in Candler, North Carolina. Hoe far can it go?

I would probably hit her in the head with a book

Death Note xD It would have been funnier if she wrote in the Death Note instead of shooting the Twilighter. Who the hell is on Team Kira?