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a vase filled with lots of pink and white flowers
Большие цветы| Мастер Букета |Декор |Обучение
three large white flowers in a pot on the floor next to a tiled bathroom wall
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Большие цветы| Мастер Букета |Декор |Обучение
three large purple flowers in a white vase on a wooden floor next to a wall
Большие цветы| Мастер Букета |Декор |Обучение
pink paper flowers are placed on the ground near chairs and tables with water in the background
#лофтресторанатриумхолл#большиебумажныецветыспб #большиебумажныецветы…
two pictures with different types of sticks and poles in the grass, one is empty
Aprende cómo hacer una columna de globos para fiestas
Aprende esta técnica para hacer columnas de globos tu mismo y ahorrarás mucho dinero en tu próxima fiesta. No necesitas usar ninguna herra...
a room with balloons and flowers on the wall
Queridos, desculpem pela ausência é que eu estive muito ocupada confeccionando lembrancinhas de casamento, decorando aniversários, decorando...
balloons and flowers are on display in front of a mirror
Gorgeous Jumbo Balloon columns with draping- we can use these at the head table and/or room entrance- AMBC