girls and guns by petra collins

stellamccartney: “ Bold statements and beautiful photography. Maisie Cousin’s work is an unconventional take on beauty-meets-nature.

Lucienne dragged the shirt up and over her head, throwing it into an unused corner of her room

Allison does this to Wes, connects his freckles with markers, but neon colored markers bc she's Allison

"I trace constellations on her skin with my lips, my fingers, charting the stars from freckle to freckle;

into the water  #photography:

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NSFW: The Instagram Fight For Pubic Hair #refinery29 "For me, the point of this is to take the hyper-feminine, take the cliché and things that would typically be used against us, and reclaim it and maybe subvert it," Armitage says. ...

This Photographer Would Like To Remind You That Body Hair Is Normal