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Use a Dog Poop Bag or Face Annie’s Wrath

Members of the Beverly Grove community in Los Angeles and surrounding areas who do not clean up their dog’s poop are being warned by frustrated resident known only as Annie.

Stylish Dog Poop Bags Bulk – Possible Solution for Ventura’s Public Park Maintenance

Bensie Boy Doggie Poop Bags Save Users Time and Money, While Saving Lives

Pediatricians Recommend Pure Shea Butter for Treating Baby Skin

March 2015 - Beaverton, OR - The use of natural based products for maintaining babies’ skin is highly recommended by Pediatricians. Vivant Organics’ Unrefined, Pure Shea Butter which is considered as a super food for the skin is one such product t.

Doggie Poop Bags That Encourages Dog Owners to Poop Scoop

Dog poop has been said to be a great contributor to the spread of bacteria that leads to several illnesses. It is with this in mind that Bensie Boy created their doggy poop bags.

Doggie Poop Bags Could Have Saved Men in West Boca from Facing Jail Time

Two men have been jailed in Palm Beach County for pointing guns at a neighbor. old Corey Beaton and old Bret Kallergis are facing possible jail time over dog poop, if they fail to make bail.

Pure Shea Butter: 100% Natural Dry Skin Treatment

Feburary 2015 - Beaverton, OR - People who suffer from extremely dry skin are provided with an all-natural pure shea butter by Vivant Organics to treat their condition without worrying about harmful side effects. Vivant Organics source their conta.

Vivant Organics’ Pure Shea Butter: Ideal Natural Product for Holistic Skin Care

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Vivant Organics Organic Ivory Shea Butter - Giveaways 4 MomGiveaways 4 Mom

BVH Pet Care’s Dog Ear Cleaner Ranked As #1 New Release on Amazon

Dog Ear Cleaner Solution Made in USA - Never Stings, Burns or Irritates - Eliminate Ear Wax, Odor, Dirt & Debris - All Natural - Non Medicated - Cruelty-free - Alcohol Free - 8 Oz.