Revit : Even more Gustav Opus!

I recently attended a panel discussion at Siggraph where Enrique Rosado discussed his work with Viennese Sculptor Erwin Hauer. Hauer e.

TEDxCanberra - Nick Ritar - A challenge to live sustainably

Nick Ritar, per­ma­cul­ture farmer and edu­ca­tor can teach us how. In this talk at TEDxCanberra Nick Rita.

Adaptive Components:  From Data to taDa!

Adaptive Components: From Data to taDa!

Revit tips - using adaptive component with multi surfaces in Revit 2013

Revit Tips - Using Adaptive Component with Multi Surfaces in Revit 2013

buildz: Calculating Pour Volumes

I'm sort of a feral child, and people ask me questions to which there might already be perfectly good answers. This time, the question was .

3 documentaries on architecture and design around the world

Architecture and Design: Gardens in Singapore, Dessert trails in Saudi to a Hospital in South Africa

buildz: cutting a hole in a panel

A little trickier than it sounds, but not much.

buildz: 6th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving

) Sometimes the bottom falls out . the buildz-mobile catches a flat, the water heater explodes, some joker h.

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