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a man in an orange jacket is talking on the phone
Madeofstyrofoam - A cut above the rest • r/MadeOfStyrofoam
a drawing of a person holding a coffee cup with the caption are ya winning, son? yes dad yes i am
Keep it rolling
an image of a man with glasses and the caption, noooi you have to do what you're told
the poster for fifteen women who have learned about in school but probably didn't
Fifteen Women Philosophers you should have learned about in school (but probably didn’t)
the different types of men's hair and beards that each have in their own words
The Big Three
there are many different types of boys'pockets on this page, including books and drinks
three women hugging each other with the caption in german above them that says, friends from brain to head
Gotta Love our german philosophers
four men standing next to each other in front of a building with the caption,'all my homes recognize the ability of life and give it our own meaning
a woman kneeling in the middle of a field
Existential Memes For Pessimists Trying To Figure Out The Meaning Of Life
a man in a parka with the words i am once again asking for you to release that we are trapped by the limits of language and can never truly express our human condition
an older man kneeling down on the beach with words written in front of him that read language