Gorj, Muntii Parang

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Brancusi's Table of Silence commemoratea the courage and sacrifice of Romanian civilians who in 1916 fought off a German invasion.

Brancusi "Table of Silence" (Targu-Jiu, Romania / In the city of Targu Jiu, in Oltenia province on the southern border of the Carpathian Mountains)

Constantin Brancusi -  Endless Column  - Targu Jiu, Romania, restored after 2000.  The monument was commissioned by the National League of Gorj Women to honor those soldiers who had defended Târgu Jiu in 1916 from the forces of the Central Powers. Brâncuşi was at the time living in Paris, but welcomed the opportunity to create a large commemorative sculpture in his homeland. He accepted the commission in 1935, but refused to receive payment for it.

Constantin Brâncuşi-The Endless Column, outdoor sculpture , displayed in Targu Jiu, Romania


Transfagarasan road, Romania Transfagarasan Pass connects Walachia and Transylvania, crosses the Carpathian Mountains and offers you the most spectacular

Constantin Brancusi - Poarta sarutului (The Gate of Kiss).

Muntii Parang - Peisaje de vis

Muntii Parang - Peisaje de vis

Transalpina - Munții Parâng  Parâng Mountains - Romania

Transhumance by Ioan Balasanu on

EconBooking.com: Parangul Night Challenge, Parang

EconBooking.com: Parangul Night Challenge, Parang

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