Kourabiedes  http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Amateur Cook Professional Eater - Greek recipes cooked again and again: Classic "Kourabiedes" - GREEK traditional Christmas butter cookies

Cozonac  http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Cozonac http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Christmas pudding http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Families gather in their kitchen to bake and enjoy Christmas pudding, and parents teach their children how to mix ingredients for the pudding. Everyone gets a turn to mix, speaking a wish into the pudding as they do so. Stir-Up Sunday (United Kingdom)

Stolen http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Stolen http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Pan di zenzero http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Discover delicious and easy to prepare gingerbread cookie recipes from the expert chefs at Food Network.Watch videos together How to make gingerbread cookies.

Pavlova http://www.clubmilano.net/2014/12/dolci-natale-mondo/

Pavlova alla melagrana con sciroppo al cardamomo [ Pavlova with pomegranate and cardamom syrup ].