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an aerial view of a city with lots of trees
Museumkwartier 's-Hertogenbosch - TIVK
a drawing of a house that is in the process of being constructed into an apartment
Architectural flow: Surrealist home illustrations by Neyra
the building has multiple balconies on each floor and two balconies above them
Casa en La Vall – Ramon Esteve Estudio
an apartment building with multiple balconies and wooden doors
Casa en La Vall | Ramón Esteve Estudio
a model of a building made out of white plywood and wood, with the words david pena n mix written below it
(sin título)
an architectural drawing shows the plan for a house with spiral staircases and circular windows
zean macfarlane
an architectural drawing of a building with many different colors and shapes on it's sides
three different types of architecture are shown in this drawing technique, each with different colors and shapes
the building is made out of wood and has metal slats on it's sides
Gallery of L House / tactic-a - 11
the diagram shows different types of doors and their corresponding parts to which door are open
Blueprint Symbols - Fernandinirios
the diagram shows different stages of water cycle and how it is used to control flow
Carl S. Sterner | Toward the Green City