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a close up view of a piece of crocheted material with circles and lines
Ricamo, embroidery, broderie, bordado,.....
Punto Chiaromonte, embroidery, broderie, bordado,.....
someone is stitching the edge of a piece of white fabric
Квадратики. Необычная мережка.
Het borduren van Russische bloemetjes in een open zoom
a white crocheted tablecloth with black dots on the edges and an openwork design
Pulled Thread Embroidery
someone is working on something that looks like a piece of fabric with green and white yarn
Learn How To Make Woven Bars - Pearl 8
Learn How To Make Woven Bars - Pearl 8 - YouTube
someone is stitching on the side of a cross - stitch pattern with scissors and thread
Aprendé a bordar la Cruz griega
A how to video for hardanger. This form of embroidery can also be combined with other forms of embroedery, e.g. cross stitch
white crocheted fabric with flowers on it
Drawn Thread Work - done on a pre-finished towel with an aida band! - laisy daisy stitches with french knot in the center - so beautiful... from: [in Portuguese] Trocas de Linhas: TOALHA DE ROSTO E LAVABO COM BAINHA ABERTA, CRIVO... COM PASSO A PASSO
the pink and green fabric has black beads on it's edges, which are stitched together
Embroidery details
Embroidery details by Birthine, via Flickr
a close up of a piece of cloth with stitching on the side and two stitches at the end
saladecostura: Bainha Aberta
white lace with flowers is shown on the edge of a table cloth, which has been made from crocheted yarn
Bordados e afins
Bordados e afins
someone is cutting through the white fabric with scissors
Bordado Boa Noite - Vídeo 01
Bordado Boa Noite
a white pillow with embroidered flowers on it
Lavanda e Lillà
Lavanda e lilás: outubro 2011
the white and black crochet pattern is shown
Amostras em bainha aberta
Deshilado de abanicos
a close up of a piece of fabric with some scissors in the middle of it
Il Piacere del ricamo
drawn thread embroidery