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People, stop hating foxes! They eat chickens because they need to eat. We eat chickens too! So stop NOW!

"Playful Red Fox in Winter" - Levi Mitchell Photography levimitchellphotos (on Etsy) beautiful creature! [Foxes are related to dogs, but belong to a different branch -- are Vulpine rather than canine.

Two Methods for Shooting Star Trails Made Easy

This image was created by merging 116 separate exposures in StarStax software in comet mode. Each exposure was 30 seconds, ISO 400 at A red LED flashlight was shone inside the bus for the first exposure.

Photo Tips

Landscape photography is amazing! We all want to go out and get those amazing shots like Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell, but more often than not when we photograph a beautiful scene it turns o.