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Imagination is the magic. To be able to see the wind and hear the snow falling, be able to touch dusk on the first corner with your finger and feel the taste of a dreamy moonlight on the lips.

MC :: The Bauhaus 'movement' has always appealed to me primarily because of its combining home and work in the one environment; it seems a simple solution to so many problems like decreased family interaction and increased urban sprawl. This image reminds me why I was drawn to the movement in the first place: commercialisation x aesthetic form + function

Bauhaus-style poster by Thomas Pena. The imagery is a simplified version of the Dessau branch of the Bauhaus School. The word "bauhaus" shows the 5 original weights of the typeface. A Bauhaus "D","G", and "Q" were used to create this logo.

The Two Men's - Underground Blues - Branding by Jahng Hyoung Joon and Yoon J Kim

The Two Men's Underground Blues - Branding Project. This beautifully designed branding project for Two Men's - Underground Blues is a cooperative work betw

Smoke'em if you got'em!  Caroline Eddleman's blog: Plakatstil

Plakatstil was an early poster style of art that began in the early and originated out of Germany. "Plakatstil" means "poster style" i.