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We are looking for ways to bring some magic into our everyday life. Real life is limited, imagination is boundless.
Dynamic Trove
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The Iron Crown of Melkor with crimped Silmarils. This excellent illustration belongs to SpentaMainyu on DeviantArt.

(The Silmarillion) Melkor. Tyrant of Utumno, Lord of the Balrogs, Master of Sauron, Creator of the Orcs, and Mightiest of the Ainur.

Gandalf and the Balrog in Moria

Cheap ring clutch, Buy Quality decorative life ring directly from China ring puzzle Suppliers: INCH / ART SILK POSTER / Lord of the rings Gandalf Balrog the bridge fight Home Decoration Canvas Poster

Hobbit Illumination: Thorin, vengeance of Dwarves by BohemianWeasel.deviantart.com on @deviantART

'Thorin, son of Thrain. Heir of the vengeance of Dwarves.' Hobbit 'Illuminations': using European medieval illuminations and bookplates as an inspiratio. Hobbit Illumination: Thorin, vengeance of Dwarves

Armoured ghost

Artist: Dong geon Son aka - Title: legend of cryptids - Card: Dark Castle Count Alfons (Timeless) dark knight/helmed horror