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a poem written in black and white with the words i think it's brave that you
We all think about giving up at a point. Stay strong and brave, fellow 9gager! - Satisfying
an image of a tree with flowers in the background and a quote written on it
an image of the ocean with words written in english and spanish on it, above water
Ursula Sandner - Use your strength
Nu iti subestima puterea de a-ti schimba viata
a large boat floating on top of a body of water
Cele 5 secrete care te vor propulsa rapid pe drumul catre prosperitate.
Ai încredere în tine și nu permite ca ceea ce se întâmplă în jurul tău să îți…
an image with the words in spanish on it and a bird flying over water,
a piece of paper with some flowers on top of it next to a poem written in italian
citate irina binder
Imagini pentru citate irina binder
a painting with red flowers on it and the words in spanish are written above them
Citate din cartea Fluturi
Insomnii: Citate din cartea Fluturi
a quote that says smile it will either warm their heart or piss them off either way you win
a quote with the words i believe everything happens for a reason people change so you can learn to let go
Spare me your inspirational how-to-live-life Marilyn Monroe quote. | elephant journal
Letting go pictures-and-words-with-meaning
an old newspaper article with a woman's face on it
Written by Sophia Loren
Written by Sophia Loren
an open book with some writing on the page and a hand holding it up in front of it
Impregneaza-ti mintea, inima si corpul cu dorintele tale.