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I feel bad for the Slytherins. who am i kidding? You couldn't pay me a million dollars to give a crap about them! Excuse you, but Slytherins are great. This is coming from a Ravenclaw with a Slytherin sister and friends.

This is so accurate! XD

Hogwarts houses by hugs. I may be a Hufflepuff, but you are not getting a hug. I don't do hugs.// I'm a Ravenclaw, so hug me or be told facts about the world wars.

Harry Pottah. SOOO CUTE! :D @Sarah Chintomby Van Nus @Ashley Walters Griswold

Randomly selected waste of time


15 Harry Potter Things You Never Thought You'd See In Real Life

Clearly a black car in the perfect spot near the white car, but still awesome.

Lumos by ~SayuriEyes on deviantART.  well isnt this just the cutest thing ever

cute for the young child bedroom wall art if you are wishing to inspire them for future fantasy book reading Harry Potter Characters Are Reimagined in AMAZING Fan Art

The amount of times I have pinned this same situation but different words underneath lol

Funny pictures about Something on your face…. Oh, and cool pics about Something on your face…. Also, Something on your face… photos.

Tumblr coincedences

Tumblr coincedences

This is super funny. Ron is my favorite character in Harry Potter and SpiderMan is my favorite Marvel super hero. This is awesome.

Harry Potter for your cat.

Harry Potter for your cat . The promo for the website is actually funnier than the Hairy Potter joke.<did anyone else think Harry Purrter or was that just me?

Harry Potter in the style of Disney

Funny pictures about If Harry Potter was a Disney movie. Oh, and cool pics about If Harry Potter was a Disney movie. Also, If Harry Potter was a Disney movie photos.

Why The Weasley Twins Are The Dumbest Characters In Harry Potter

Why the Weasley Twins Are the Dumbest Characters In Harry Potter>WHAT? Ok maybe this one thing but come one they aren't the dumbest characters.