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Open Jack dandy)) "Bloody bastards." I growl jumping back from the snarling dogs. They lung against their chains straining to get to me their fangs bared. "Sorry, better luck next time." I hiss at them smirking. "Talking to dogs are we?" My head snaps up and I look and you quickly pocketing something I held in my hand. I flash a grin. "Company's been rather poor lately, at least the dogs don't pretend to like people." I'd barley made it out of that house with my hand, I'd gotten what I…

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Then is fulfilled Hlín's second sorrow, when Óðinn goes to fight with the wolf, and Beli's slayer, bright, against Surtr. Then shall Frigg's sweet friend fall.

Juan de Valdés Leal: Saint Ignatius and Saint Francis Borgia beholding an eucharistic allegory (detail), 1674

This picture fits perfectly with Hamlet. The skull represents death and the crown represents the rightful ruler. It's basically saying that the true king is dead, not Claudius.