Obilisk of Ramsis ||

Obelisco Ramses na noite - Templo de Luxor, Egipto / Obelisk Ramsses at Night - Temple at Luxor, EGYPT

Thoth, Egypt - credited with the creation of a number of branches of knowledge (law, magic, philosophy, religion, science, and writing).  An infallible judge capable of rendering completely just decisions. The Greeks admired him so greatly that they credited him as the originator of all knowledge on earth and in the heavens.

Thoth is the god of wisdom, writing and invention and is also considered the Messenger (similar to the Greek god Hermes) and the lord of the Moon.

Jordan's natural beauty

Petra (Jordan) The merchandise and produce that traversed the great deserts separating the Mediterranean from the Orient often were tra.

The Temple of Abu Simbel, in Egypt consists of two huge rock temples in a village named Nubia. The temples were carved out of the mountains and their external rock figures have become very popular.

The Colours Of Medinet Habu Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Joe & Clair Carnegie / Libyan Soup

Vertical Photograph - The Colours Of Medinet Habu by Joe & Clair Carnegie / Libyan Soup

Edfu - Temple of Horus.

The Temple of Edfu is an ancient Egyptian temple located on the west bank of the Nile in the city of Edfu which was known in Greco-Roman times as Apollonopolis Magna, after the chief god Horus-Apollo

Temple at Kom-Ombo, Egypt. i have always wanted to go to Egypt such a unique place with lots of culture and learning opportunities.

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Lion Gate at the entrance of Mycenae, with the confronting lionesses posing on both sides of a pillar above the lintel.