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angelcasimiro:  homme–models:  Lucky Blue Smith by Jae Foo - Backstage at Billy…

angelcasimiro: “homme–models: “Lucky Blue Smith by Jae Foo - Backstage at Billy Reid, ” ”

tae-eyebrows: “sugutie: “ Y'ALL!!!! ” @jungkookism ”

ugh this new comeback has killed me there's been so much bangtan to fall in love with FACE HAIR OF KOOKIE'S THO (i think)

Bringing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy Home: Get tips and information on what you need to do after you bring home your Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. | Dog Fancy

a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy use to have one that dog was nuts! also many people do not know this but corgis get to be a pretty good size, still adorable tho

l-homme-que-je-suis: “ Dominik Sadoch in “Shareef Airstream” Photographed by Kojima Yohei and Styled by Hamuro Yoshio for men’s Fudge December 2013 ”


Baby Polar in Canada by John A Barrett, Jr. (Your Best Travel Photos Contest A Poler bear ,poler because it lives in the poler reigons!:) How adorable! I want this!


Jimin and. Jungkook in the back. Shirtless and wearing gray sweatpants. <------- And yet I'm still focused on Jimin