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a piece of paper that has been taped to the side of a door with writing on it
[Image] Attitude is everything
a snowboarder doing a trick on his board in the snow with caption that reads, i'm checking the snow conditions of course i didn't fall
two pictures with snow and trees in the background, one is saying love going to bed to this and the other is waking up to this
Love going to bed to this and waking up to this
an image of the ocean with many different types of clouds in it and some water below
A Story from Antarctica
a sign that says too hot to keep changing sign sin bad jesus good details inside
100+ Hilarious Christian Memes to Brighten Your Day
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table next to an open notebook and pen
You start to go insane:
a man standing on top of a snow covered roof with the words, when you leave all your homework for sunday night
We all can relate
a man in a suit and tie holding his hand up to the side with both hands
a woman laying on the ground in four different pictures
Best Lent Memes 2024 for the 40 Days of the Lenten Season