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How To Adjust Sets And Reps To Fit Your Training Goal

How to Adjust Sets and Reps to Fit Your Training Goal


Although awe-inspiring, bodybuilders for many years were considered to be amazing physical specimens, yet not something.

What Is The Optimal Time Between Sets For Muscle Growth?

Getting shredded doesn't have to mean losing the muscle you worked years to build. Here are 9 strategies to help you keep the bulk. When you work incredibly har. presents... Superior Muscle Growth!

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It’s time for doctors to tell insurance companies how they really feel

Don't rely on squats alone to get a perfect butt. Try these effective exercises to tone your glutes in just minutes a day.

cuban rotation and other rotation to add in shoulder rehab

If you want to correct a few muscle imbalances you may have created before you knew better, or if you want to fortify the integrity of your shoulder joints and maybe even improve your posture, then this might be just the article you need.

Dispelling the Glute Myth

Could it be that everything we thought we knew about glute training was ass-backwards?