Various factors are responsible for the loss of hair. Certain drugs used for treating medical conditions in a patient can induce hair loss because of the effect of the drug. Anti cancer drugs, Antidepressants and hormone replacement therapy are few of the medicines which can cause hair fall. To know more visit the link. #HairLoss #HairLossCauses #HairLossMedicines

Hair loss can be induced due to few medicines too, Anti cancer drugs, Antihypertensive medicines, Hormone Replacement therapy & Antidepressants are responsible for causing hair fall.

A person suffering from hair loss, over a period of time becomes so anxious and nervous that he starts believing on each and every person who seems to give some solution about the hair loss. Due this the person falls prey to the wrong myths. Here we have discussed some myths about hair fall, click to know more. #hairfall #hairloss #hairlossmyths #hairfallmyths #hairmyths #mythsabouthairloss

Hair Transplant myth- facts helps you to know the fact about the hair transplant which helps you in undergo hair transplant without worrying.

Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force advises the readers of this blog not to spend money on using various shampoos and hair tonics, which are called homeopathic shampoos. The fact is that there are no homeopathic shampoos, in real sense. So-called homeopathic shampoos are the commercial products sold under ‘homeopathic’ banner. They are not going to treat any disease conditions whatsoever. #HomeopathicShampoos

Role of Homeopathic Shampoos & Hair Tonics in Hair Fall

Surgical & Non-Surgical are the two treatment options available for Hair Loss. Each of these treatments has some pros and cons, to know more visit the link below. #HairLoss #HairLossTreatment #SurgicalTreatmentHairLoss #SurgeryHairLoss #SurgeryHairFall #HairLossMedicalTreatment

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss

Men are found to be equally conscious about healthy and glowing hair; a slight increase in daily hair loss in men is a subject of concern. Here are some handy useful hair loss prevention tips for men by Dr.Shah. If you like these tips do not forget to share with your friends. #hairloss #hairfall #hairlossprevention #hairfallprevention #hairfalltips #hairlosstips #menhairfallprevention #hairlosspreventionmen

Men are equally careful and conscious about their hair, a man likes to have healthy and glowing hair, here we have some useful hair loss prevention tips for men.

Hair loss is common process of aging which is responsible for creating distress in some people. Hair fall is caused due to one of the vitamins and minerals, stress, use of chemical based shampoos or hair colors, hormonal imbalance, disease of scalp, genetic factors, drugs, etc. Homeopathy is quite capable of treating all forms of hair loss. For more information browse through the link. #hairloss #hairfall #hairlosstreatment #hairfalltreatment

Hair Loss: Homeopathy Treatment Online, Causes, Symptoms, Diet & Tips

During hair loss, its quite important to maintain a healthy diet, eating certain food items may result in increase of hair fall. For more details on what to eat and avoid in hair loss, visit the link below. #hairlossdiet #hairlossfood #hairlossdietchart

Right nutrients help to keep hair healthy & shiny, here is a diet pyramid chart for people suffering with hair loss. This chart guides on what foods to eat and what to avoid in hair loss.