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the cover of mango cevichie with raw salmon and tuna is shown on a white plate
Mango Ceviche - Raw Tuna and Salmon with Fresh Mango
Mango ceviche is a refreshing dish that combines fresh raw salmon and tuna with the tropical sweetness of mango, all marinated in citrus juices. The bright, zesty flavors and vibrant colors make it a perfect appetizer or light meal, especially in warm weather. Adding mango balances the acidity and heat, creating a harmonious and delightful blend of tastes.
cucumber bagel sandwich on a plate with dill
Cucumber Bagel Sandwich
Crisp, refreshing and so delicious, this Cucumber Bagel Sandwich is perfect for lunch, brunch or dinner.
peach jam is an easy and delicious dessert
Peach Jam
Savor the taste of summer peaches year round with this super easy peach jam. This sweet and flavorful homemade jam is perfect for toast , biscuits or even gift giving. via @Baked Broiled and Basted
strawberry muffins with crumbled topping and strawberries in the background
Bakery Style Strawberry Muffins
These fluffy Bakery Style Strawberry Muffins are filled with juicy strawberries and topped off with a sweet streusel crumb topping. Strawberry buttermilk muffins pair perfectly with a good cup of coffee or some oj for a quick breakfast bite. These easy strawberry muffins will quickly become your favorite fruit muffins.
three pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to a cup and saucer
Easy Churro Cheesecake Bars | A Taste of Madness
Easy Churro Cheesecake Bars recipe. Made with only 6 ingredients, this last minute dessert idea is a great nut free treat.
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Easy Chicken Empanadas Recipe
Who knew you could make Chicken Empanadas in just 40 minutes at home? I grew up eating empanadas for dinner, so knowing that I can share this childhood recipe with my own kids with a quick and healthy twist is truly the best!
two pieces of bread with scrambled eggs on top and tomatoes in the middle, sitting on a white plate
Fluffy Ricotta Scrambled Eggs • Little Nomads Recipes
Indulge in the fluffiest scrambled eggs you've ever tasted with this simple yet luxurious Ricotta Scrambled Eggs recipe! 🥚✨ By adding creamy ricotta cheese and cooking them low and slow, you create a delightful breakfast dish that's light, moist, and incredibly satisfying. These eggs are sure to become a new family favourite, perfect for a leisurely weekend brunch or a quick weekday breakfast. Garnish with fresh herbs and pair with toast for a complete meal.
a plate with eggs and vegetables on it
Curry Tofu Scramble | Vegan Breakfast
Start your day right with a flavorful savory Curry Tofu Scramble! Packed with protein, delicious, filling and bursting with spices. Perfect as a breakfast or quick meals or packed lunches, pair with bread, wraps, or rice.
two grilled cheese sandwiches on a plate next to a bowl of tomato soup with a spoon
Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Recipe
Making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in your air fryer is quick and easy. And it turns out delicious! With perfectly crispy and crunchy toasted bread and lots of gooey melted cheese inside to satisfy your craving for this classic American comfort food.
waffles with blueberries, strawberries and butter on a plate
Cottage Cheese Protein Waffles
Healthy and delicious Cottage Cheese Waffles are packed with protein and are made in just 2 simple steps using 5 simple ingredients. These waffles are a great alternative to traditional waffles, and are completely family-friendly. No one will even know they're eating cottage cheese, guaranteed!
blueberry muffins on a cooling rack with text overlay
Starbucks Blueberry Muffin (Best Copycat Recipe)
Starbucks blueberry muffin copycat recipe is bursting with juicy blueberries. The texture is moist and fluffy, with a slightly crispy top.
lemon poppy seed muffins on a white plate with a fork and cupcake in the background
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Bright, tangy, and dotted with poppy seeds, these lemon poppy seed muffins are a true delight. Ideal for brunches, afternoon teas, or just a sweet treat to brighten your day. Quick, simple, and utterly scrumptious!
two bowls filled with different types of food
Curry Tofu Scramble (Tofu Bhurji)
Curry Tofu Scramble known as Tofu Bhurji– a breakfast or brunch bursting with flavor and nutrition! 🌿🍛 Indian tofu scramble gets ready in minutes, enjoyed for hours. Quick, easy, and oh-so-tasty.
This may contain: a close up of fruit on top of a piece of bread
Deliciously Easy 3-Ingredient Vanilla Honey Whipped Ricotta
Just 3 ingredients are needed to make this easy & incredibly delicious recipe. From bagels to desserts, fruit to crostini, this is truly irresistible!
a white bowl filled with tofu and garnished with cilantro leaves
Tofu Bhurji (Indian style tofu scramble)
Tofu Bhurji or Indian style Tofu Scramble is a delicious breakfast recipe. Vegan, high in protein and gluten-free. The tofu crumbles so easily, mimicking the texture of scrambled eggs, and it absorbs the spices beautifully, just like paneer.