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8 Tips For Developing Motion Design Principles
The digital world is rich with images– we see website banners, product photos, icons, diagrams, and maps on a daily basis. But motion can truly bring these images to life 💫 In this week's blog from Webflow, discover 8 tips for developing motion design principles.
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Freelancers: Should You Show Up as You or a Company?
What to call your design business is one of the biggest questions freelance designers face. This week on Courtside our friends at Mt. Freelance dig in: Should You Show Up as You or a Company? 🏀 👀
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From Physiotherapist to Professional Illustrator, an Interview with marumoru
The latest from Courtside: From Physiotherapist to Professional Illustrator, an Interview with marumoru courtesy of our friends at XPPen
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5 Key Development Approaches for Designers
This week on the blog from Elinext 👀 Dive into the crucial considerations of web accessibility and universal design principles with ensuring your product reaches every user effectively.
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Is Your Brand Due for a Refresh? Here’s the Essential Checklist to Follow
🌶️ No matter if you're spicing up your personal brand, carving out your freelancer identity, or revamping the face of your studio or agency—the core tenets of brand development and refresh hold true across the board. Check out this week’s blog from BB Agency for the essential brand refresh checklist
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Crafting a Narrative: Mastering Storytelling in Your Design Portfolio
Dive into the art of storytelling in design with our latest blog post! 🎨💼 #DesignPortfolio #Storytelling #Creativity (Art by Cameren Flanagan)
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How To Make Social Media Graphics - As A Designer
Elevate your content and stand out from the crowd 🚀 This week on the blog, Linearity shares how to make animated social media graphics - as a designer
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Stop worrying. Love the AI bomb. But make sure you know how it works.
This week on the Dribbble blog, from our friends at Kittl 🤖 Stop worrying. Love the AI bomb. But make sure you know how it works. [Art by Laura Sabourdy]
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Why An Evolving Design System Is Foundational For Today’s Websites
🔑 Unlocking the potential of your website means more than just keeping up – it's about staying ahead. Check out our latest blog post from our friends at Webflow on the power of design systems in driving efficiency, scalability, and brand coherence for your business's digital ecosystem.
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How To Use AI To Build Websites Without Code: A Guide From Tilda
The latest on the Dribbble blog 👀 Together with professional designers who build websites on Tilda, we gathered some ideas on how AI can come in handy in the website creation process, what tasks AI-powered services can solve in the process of building a website, and how to compose queries to get the most out of the AI assistants.
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4 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2024
This week on the blog: 4 #WebDesign Trends to Watch in #2024 from our friends at Webflow. 🔗
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How 2D/3D Designers Can Find a Creative Home on TikTok
This week on the blog: an interview with 2D/3D AR designer, Kasai Green! 🎙️ We dive into how his love for games led him to become one of Effect House’s fastest growing designers and helped him build a thriving community.
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From Figma to SwiftUI: Designers, Here’s Your Technical Lowdown
Mastering the interface between design and development is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In this week’s blog, our friends at judoapp help us understand the intricacies of SwiftUI from a Figma perspective. (Art by Pawel Olek)
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The Magic of Details: How UX Microinteractions Transform Products
In this week’s blog, Elinext brings us the essential value that microinteractions hold for today’s UX.
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Finding Success with Not Dev: Discovery through Design
In the world of #design and #consulting, finding the right approach can make all the difference. In this week's blog we interview Dev Gupta, founder of design studio notdev. We’ll dive into the stories and principals that set his studio apart, as he offers some advice to those embarking on a similar path.