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Anyone can wear a Skirt

To prissy? Too girlie? Princess, nearly everyone you know has either seen you in shorts and pantyhose - skirts and high heels even. Do you think they haven’t noticed the painted nails; the mascara; the occasional eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher.

Imagine la suite

Only I am a dirty, perverted fuckdoll and rubbertoy with a freaky and kinky, twisted mind! I can also be a strict and equaly perverted mistress.

Then & Now

Mommy please I will behave well ! Do not do this to me, I will not go out and show me from my friends who are playing soccer, so dress like a girl ! Today you forced me to come to the hairdresser.

Latex dress, corset stockings and gloves

Check out my list of best affordable over-the-knee-boots for winter/spring of These are boots that every woman can wear and afford!

Fashion with Fetish

Free spirited bi-sexual female in my late - in long term relationship with my Master, as His submissive.