A true master won’t simply tell you what he thinks you should know. He’s too wise to say, “Always be patient,” and expect that it will make you a patient person.

Volcanoes In Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park At Sunrise.

Photo about Flyover of Mount Kilimanjaro showing effects of Global Warming - 11217707

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Photo about Lava spills forth from Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii.

Customer service rep: the advocate for the company or the client? Or why it is difficult to deal with angry customers

Sunset On The Mighty Volcano Cayambe In Ecuador Stock Image - Image: 32729917

Photo about An active volcano belches smoke and molten red lava in an eruption.

Photo about Hot mud bubbling from a muddy volcano in Buzau, Romania.

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Photo about As night fell the strombolian volcano began to erupt.

Photo about Molten lava erupts from Sakurajima Kagoshima Japan - 30851043