Beautiful mushrooms

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Photo about Looking down on many layers of Fungi growth.

Photo about Close-up picture of a Amanita poisonous mushroom in nature - 16133494

Photo about Large white puffball mushroom in the forest glade among spruce cones - 30263283

Photo about Small magic mushroom in moss close up - 60057972

Photo about Gypsy Mushroom (Cortinarius caperatus), an edible mushroom, on a tree trunk.

Photo about Fly Agaric toadstool, a large opened toadstool and beside it a small domed plant just emerging showing the characteristic red and white spots.

Photo about Red poisonous mushroom with white dots on wet grassy soil, with shallow dof - 21092641

Photo about Edible mushroom in the moss in a summer forest - 25854200

Photo about Cantharellus cibarius edible mushroom close up shoot - 3356294