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OHMYGOSH THIS COLOUR!!! so pretty~ <3 oh if only I could dye my hair again...I should wait till its long enough though...

Want to do this to my hair again, all purp, or all blue, or both. Atleast until I can buy some more hair dye to add in the blonde, until I get the exact blonde I want I'm going to keep dying my hair colorful lol

Embrace the summer by turning it up a notch with your hair color! Come see hair color pictures for 2014. They're inspirational! Bright hair colors

Purple and blue hair color tied into a waterfall braid. The alternating hair colors makes it look great when braided and let down on the back. It looks sweet and magical at the same time. The wonders of Hair Colors… Continue Reading →

Pontiac Firebird 1970

The Custom 1970 Pontiac Firebird was made by All Speed Custom. They were commissioned by owner Tom Cronkright to custom his 1970 Pontiac Firebird into his dream car.