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The UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau becomes the modern Euraserie; a catalogue of the ‘reversed Chinoiserie’. ‘Chinoiseries’ are the European interpretation

Первый взгляд: Отель и арт-пространство Bursa (фото 1)

Первый взгляд: Отель и арт-пространство Bursa (фото 1)

Mississippi Street (Portland OR)

Mapping Mississippi Street (Portland OR) Very clean diagram showing the amenities on the street corridor with a figure ground of just the corridor. Nice color scheme, and the diagram is not too busy and distracting.

studio gang - recombinant housing

Proposed project of solving the problem of foreclosure in Cicero by Studio Gang Architects as building typology study. The ways the space can be used, re-purposed and create new jobs in the area.

concept DIAGRAM

ArchDaily Innovation Challenge Program Diagram Shows the integration of program spaces with circulation Is This is successful because it shows each component separately and then the convergence of each individual circulation component.

"In Transit: NYC" is an animated light sculpture featuring a series of laser-cut, edge-lit panels depicting the NYC Subway map.

In Transit: NYC Animated light sculpture Andrew + Deborah O'Malley, 2010 x x Laser-cut acrylic panels, LEDs, custom electronics + software

For the ultimate Star Wars fan.

I'm really excited because this is my first ever Instructable! Before I get started I just want you to know that I am solely using the dictation option on an iPhone.