Santuari del Sagrat Cor, Tibidabo, Barcelona, Catalonia

Santuari del Sagrat Cor, Tibidabo, Barcelona, Catalonia - one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in, amazing and incredible views of Barcelona

The Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy Vatican City

Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican this shows both the ceiling and the last judgment. The ceiling is a beautiful work of art with great detail. The last judgement even has more detail and it was done 29 years after the ceiling.

#Church of Saint John the Baptist. Chesme Palace, #Russia

The Chesme Church also known as Saint John the Baptist at Chesme Palace, St. It is a small Russian Orthodox church that was built by the Russian court architect Yury Felten in at the direction of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.

Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Lower Austria

A twelfth-century Augustinian monastery of the Roman Catholic Church located in the town of Klosterneuburg in Vienna, Lower Austria ♡ ♥ X ღɱɧღ

The cathedral of Sainte Chapelle, Paris. The most beautiful stained glass in the world.

Sainte Chapelle - Upper level The Holy Chapel is a royal medieval Gothic chapel, located near the Palais de la Cité, on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France.

Sacre Coeur ~ Montmartre, Paris, France

Sacré Coeur, Montmartre, Paris, France Climbed the endless stairs. Arrived at the basilica. The Christmas market was fabulous, best oysters ever!

Charleston, SC

Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Originally built in the style is referred to as English Perpendicular Gothic Revival. That ceiling!

Saint Simon church, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Saint Simon Jude Catholic Church, Tignish, Prince Edward Island, Canada - lots of magificent churches here :)

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow, Russia

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow, Russia. The communists destroyed the original church, the post communist Moscow authorities rebuilt it.

Sacré Coeur

Sacré Coeur - Paris, France- Attended part of a Mass here. Acoustics were so awesome. The priest sounded like what I think God sounds like if he were talking.