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This so cute :D Nalu <3  Natsu x Lucy, Fairy Tail

Natsu x Lucy, Fairy Tail - I really love this pic because of the fact that Lucy is angry/annoyed by Natsu and is hitting him with a Happy pillow, and he's just trying to calm her down, like I good boyfriend. ๐Ÿ˜˜ I want my own Natsu.

This shit is handled. Who would your defense be?

Well Natsu's gonna kick some fire nation butt! But seriously, I watched Fairy Tail not even five minutes ago

I just...can't........*cries*

Omg in the manga when igneel died and natsu was crying I started crying! Ice never seen natsu cry like that T^T.

My mentor is Wendy and my opponent is Midnight...................... I'm dead.

My mentor is Master Makarov and my opponent is Laxus. I think I may have a chance. His grandfather should know his weaknesses right?O My mentor is Gildarts and my opponent is Chelia