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How do you know this vase is blue? This takes a while to sink in. :P

The light we see is a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. From radio waves to gamma rays, light delivers radio and TV and can destroy DNA or pass right through us.

create a sliding storage system on the garage ceiling

Over head storage idea Simple DIY Storage Ideas, A chunk of plywood cut into strips, a couple pieces of and a few screws. that's all it takes to turn overhead space into organized storage!

This is awesome. "Never have to venture into the Basement again to turn off the light! Just click on the room from wherever!"

Floor Plan Light Switch by Taewon Hwang: WHATTTTT. floor plan light switch lets you control all the lights in your house in one spot. much better than turning them off and sprinting to your bedroom through the darkness

Concept: Saddle Lock Bike Needs No More Securing

Saddle Lock by Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho and Yeo Min Gu, winners of the Red Dot Concept Award 2012 - In the recent years, bicycles have regained their role in society.