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a gargoyle statue sitting on top of a wooden table next to a blue sky
Cheer Up Mr Goblin
Moody gargoyle.
an intricately carved wooden wall decoration on a white wall
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Tole Fleur De Lis Wall Accent Dr Livingstone I Presume Architectural Elements Wall Decor H
an ornate wooden mirror hanging on a brick wall
architectural fragments: on stands as select elements as part of vignette collection
an ornate design on the side of a building's face and back part is shown
Simple Everyday Glamour
Architectural element feature up close. I love taking micro photos of architectural elements. CK
an assortment of decorative items on display in a store
Google Domains Hosted Site
vintage architectural elements - More pastel ideas here:
an intricately carved metal object sitting on top of a wooden table
Antique Accessories
Italian Antique Mounted Architectural Elements
an ornate building with statues on the windows
Barcelona modernista 1
Modernist gargoyles, Barcelona.
a black and white photo of a gargoon
This looks alot like the Gargoyle we had in the living room for years. I could have done without it but I knew how much you liked him.
an old black and white photo of a stone wall with carvings on the side of it
Gothic Revival Architecture Characteristics | Gothic Sculpture Characteristics
a gargoyle statue on top of a building with cityscape in the background
This was my first pin, I really like the emotion in the facial features and I see it as a poor creature who is force to sit in this location for eternity.
an elaborate gargoyle head on the side of a gothic style building in england
I like this piece because of the use of symmetry. In addition it is a relief sculpture because it comes out of the wall
a gargoyle statue on the corner of a building with its wings spread out
Eerie Cafe Grotesque
Love gargoyles, Especially the ones with SO much personality <3's