Dragosh Andrei T. 🔭📡🔮✳️

Dragosh Andrei T. 🔭📡🔮✳️

Bacau / Fericirea sta in cei ce stiu sa fericeasca pe altii...
Dragosh Andrei T. 🔭📡🔮✳️
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“The Adam and Eve story is the Kundalini story, that is written within everyone, on the backside and sealed with 7 seals.” ~ Mynzah art by Alex Grey

Our Pathway to the Truth • lucifelle: Polarity Therapy Charts 1-10 “The...

lucifelle: “ Polarity Therapy Charts “The Wireless Anatomy of Man" Its neat to see this in chart form as we bring these concepts to life during massage.


Alien Akhenaton e Nefertiti , the Gods of the Elongated Skull ,, Johnny Carson was an alien?