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two watercolor flowers on white paper with green leaves
colourful lettuce spot illustration, by Robin Clugston, watercolour, 2012.
a close up of a brooch with an image of a woman in a dress
Забытая богиня гербариев
three handmade ornaments are hanging on a bed
painted russian dolls
ragtales: painted russian dolls
three dolls are standing next to each other on a white background, one is wearing a red scarf and the other has a pink dress
Russian dolls from Spain
three paper dolls are standing next to each other
three wooden dolls sitting next to each other
an image of three dolls that look like they are wearing different colors and patterns on them
an image of many different dolls on a piece of paper that is cut out to look like people
via tumblr, umla
a poster with lots of different types of bugs on it's face and the words seeing spots below
Spot On!
an abstract painting with colorful shapes and colors on the bottom, in front of a blue sky
Painted Mouse
a teapot with flowers on it has a tag in the middle that says t
New Cards for the Gallery