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vegan lemon blueberry cake

A moist, soft and sweet Vegan Lemon Blueberry Cake made with fresh lemon juice and ripe blueberries. Topped off with a creamy lemon glaze.

We'd be pretty surprised to hear of anybody who's never seen a comic by Safely Endangered, but in case you haven't yet come across this brilliant web cartoonist

You're are such an idiotic, immature little girl!!! Grow the fuck up and confront me like the bitch you think you are!!! C'mon Shell...let's play fair. You must be so happy with your new life that you just can't get over your ex turning you away at your own front door when you tried to hug and kiss him. He didn't want your sorry ass and never will, even if I weren't in the picture. He falls in love with more each day and your silly ass posts are just helping. He realizes that he never had…

Have to remember this! Life is short forget those who have forgotten you! Or place their time in things that are part of infidelity!

8 Ways to Have a Productive Morning - Productivity tips for college students. Manage your time wisely so you feel less stressed!

Plan Your Day the Night Before Writing out a to-do list before you go to bed is a great way to make sure you do everything that needs to be done in the AM, without the risk of forgetting. Having a plan of attack for your day will ensure a productive.

#blondme caramel + strawberry 1/2 + #Dialight Milkshake Perlmutt

#blondme caramel + strawberry 1/2 + #Dialight Milkshake Perlmutt