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The reason will make you feel better, I promise!

The Reason Why Children are Worse When Their Mothers Are Around. Find the beautiful reason here. Great parenting advice for moms.

Beauty Tips

See what highlighting and contour can do? Why can't every girl know this? (tip: when you do highlight and contour you dont need that much eye, lip, blush makeup as she is; that is why you do it so you have a more natural look)

Placement and blending is key. Amazing and interesting...sure wish more girls could understand the tricks.

The Art of Contouring. I like the idea of contouring but this girl is so pretty to begin with! I wish she would just use a more natural makeup to accent her light skin and freckles.

Stress is a word that is used often these days! In most conversations stress is the cause of health issues. Continue reading and find some stress control information that may help you or someone you love!