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An exceptionally small, century, oak chest/bible box inches long) - The Cotswold Art & Antique Dealers Association

#Ficat vena porta #artera #hepatica

Your liver is a major detoxification organ and it should be protected and supported.

Cel mai bun moment de viata mea - Poveste Inspirațională

You can't control aging entirely, but you can influence it with some smart choices.

ZERO – Video Inspirațional Într-o lume care judecă oamenii după numărul lor, ZERO se confruntă cu prejudecățile constante și persecuția

In a world that judges people by their number, "Zero" by Director Christopher Kezelos faces constant prejudice and persecution. He walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever: he meets a female zero.

viata si valurile vietii

life and waves of life

Castel de nisip - poveste inspirationala

Need to learn to make a proper sandcastle, but the kids would probably just knock it down

Ferestre de spital

Ferestre de spital

dragoste prieteni familie sanatate buna dispozitie atitudine pozitiva fata de viata

love friends family health good humor and a positive attitude toward life

Perspective - Poveste Inspirationala

The Flipped Classroom Guide for Teachers: How Does a Flipped Classroom Contribute to Student Learning?

Cand ar putea parea lacunara memoria ta

Dave Warner claims there are 5 profound powers of saying no. Is saying no something you struggle with? We can shed some light on your struggles with that tricky two lettered word.

Lucruri de care nu ai nevoie să iti reamintesti

Things you don’t need to remember

Creierul tau are o minte proprie

The Brain is one of the organs in the body that replenishes over the course of one’s lifetime. Taking care of the brain is one of the initiatives that one sho(.