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a red sign that says if our country were going to go broke, then let it be from feeding the poor and taking care of the elderly
Except, despite Republicon lies, there's a way to do it so don't go broke.
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an older man is staring at the camera with a caption that reads, go ahead, click your pen one more time
Clint, like Cruz, tells the truth, God bless our Veterans. I do not want refugees coming to this country whose allegiance is to sharia law rather than our Constitution. We can help them where they are.
ronald reagan quote with the earth in the background
Less Government. More Fun. - Bigger Government is Not the American Dream
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an older man wearing a cowboy hat and vest with trees in the back ground behind him
i miss the america i grew in sign
I miss the America I grew up in
an american flag with the words in this place we always
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two men standing next to each other near a fence with animals in the pen behind them
an eagle with the american flag in the background and words written below it that read, i am an american, believe in god
a sign that says people who hate america should vacate america, with hearts all over it
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a man in a suit and tie holding a red hat with the words save america on it
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a man in a suit and tie walking with some lions behind him on a snowy day
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ronald reagan quote about love and family
Queen Of Liberty™
Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! May the Reagan Revolution Continue!
an old paper with the quote, the purpose of the united states is to limit the power
America America ... God Shed his Grace on Thee
ronald reagan quote about living to be well
Lisa on X
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a quote from william shakespeare about motivational words and the art of self - love
a quote that reads history is not there for you to like or dislke
Learn from it…when you know better, you do better.
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a man holding up a sign that says, this is the ust there is
a sign that reads it is wrong to tax a working person almost to the breaking point, then give it to a person who is able to work but refuse to
Do's & Don'ts For Interacting with Single Parents
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