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Does Spider Plant Like To Be Root Bound: Necessary Advice for Root-Bound Spider Plant
Spider plants, called Chlorophytum comosum, thrive when slightly root-bound. These resilient plants prefer to be slightly pot-bound, which can encourage the production of offsets or "spiderettes." Repotting can be done every 2-3 years or when the plant becomes extremely root bound, usually indicated by roots growing through the drainage holes. When repotting, choose a pot only slightly larger than the current one to prevent overpotting. - Spider Plant Care Guide | House Plants & Gardening
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How to Plant the Best Tomatoes - Grow Tomato Plants As Tall As You Are!
how to make use banana peel water for plant fertilizer in the kitchen or living room
How To Make and Use Banana Peel Water For Plant Fertilizer
Learn how to use banana peels to make organic fertilizer for your plants. Get all the benefits and avoid all the cons when using banana peel water for plants.
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three potted plants with the words, everything about repottiting a spider plant
Everything about repotting a spider plant
eggshells are good for houseplants and what you should know about them
Are Eggshells Good for Houseplants - What You Should Know
Discover ways to use a leftover eggshell to feed potted plants. If your houseplant lacks calcium, consider using eggshells as natural houseplant fertilizers by making an eggshell tea or working crushed eggshells into the soil. #eggshell #fertilizer #houseplants
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How to Use Eggshells in the Garden
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The Best Fire Starter Money Can’t Buy: PET Balls
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