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by Marriah Star, There are 10 levels of consciousness between identifying with (internalizing) your environment or choosing to transform from within by heart. At the first level of consciousness yo…


Anjo - Pintura de Viola Sado - Polônia ---See Spiritwater Gardens for our I Believe In Nature Spirits Initiative.

sovano said: u are flexible its sexy Answer:

MRW when I come home to find my apartment building has been wired for 100 mbs internet which is almost the speed of my Comcast connection for less money

Adopted !! Yui . Age 7 . She is very smart and shy . When you get to know her she opens up a little . When that happens she will be kind and sweet .

插画 动漫 美少年 美少女 二次元 That was some kind of Japanese comment to translate<---what it says is "Illustration cartoon girl and young secondary yuan"