Birgit's Daily Bytes: Cevapcici (Balkan Sausages/Meat rolls) LC, GF, SF

If you have never heard of them, Cevapcici are little Balkan rolls of minced and seasoned meat. Very tasty and quite addictive, especia.

Cevapcici Cevapi) Balkan Sausage Sandwiches Recipe - - 361035

Cevapcici (Cevapi) Balkan Sausage Sandwiches

Croatian Recipes | Madarica Slice | Layered Chocolate Cake |Chasing the Donkey Cooking Blog

Croatian Recipes: Madarica {Layered Chocolate Slice}

Croatian Recipes in English: Here is how to make Madarica - a chocolate layered slice. Madarica is always a hit, especially with the kids.

Piept de pui umplut cu jambon si cascaval | CAIETUL CU RETETE

Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese - Piept de pui umplut cu jambon si cascaval - CAIETUL CU RETETE

Cheese burek (burek sa sirom) recipe Miss eating this in the Balkans!

Burek can also be filled with meat,apple,pizza ingredients,mushrooms, but cheese burek is the most popular.

Serbian Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Posna Sarma I have a big head of plans for slaw and canned cabbage doesn't sound appealing. This may be the thing to try!

Serbian Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage (Posna Sarma)

Serbian Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Posna Sarma: Meatless Cabbage Rolls - posted by Mimo

This Serbian eggplant and red pepper relish, called Ajvar, goes great with meat, as a sauce on pasta or just slathered on bread!

Ajvar - Serbian Red Pepper Relish

If you have never tried Ajvar, you don't know what you're missing! This smoky and tangy Serbian red pepper relish goes great with almost everything!

Sarma is the Serbian version of stuffed cabbage.

Serbian Stuffed Cabbage (Sarma)

This recipe for Serbian stuffed cabbage is known as sarma. The filling is made with ground beef and pork and rice. The rolls are baked on sauerkraut.

Vertuta or Savory Strudels are a Romanian and Moldavian specialty. Sooo good

Vertuta – Moldovian Savory Strudel-Placinte – Pl?cint?

NO BAKE Wafer Cake | no bake recipe | cake recipe | wafer cake recipe | wafer dessert | Balkan wafer dessert | oblatne | recept za oblatne | kako se prave oblatne | brze oblatne | wafers | wafer dessert squares | dezert | čokoladni dezert | jednostavan dezert

Balkan No Bake Wafer Cake (Oblatne)

Balkan No Bake Wafer Cake: layered tort wafers connected with a smooth filling made out of chocolate, butter and walnut melted in hot milk.