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a toy car made out of legos with daisies on the front and side
two envelopes with different designs on them
The Easiest & Fastest Way to Display Embroidery on Stretched Canvas — Beth Colletti Art & Design
an old window is painted blue and has intricate designs on the glass panels, along with other items
Garden Decor How-to: DIY Painted Vintage Window
Dress up your outdoor decor with this colorful DIY Painted Vintage Window project by Katie Gaines from Love Paper Paint! She says, “I’ve had an old glass pane window sitting in my studio for a few years, just collecting dust and spider webs. It needed a little love and a chance to shine again and I thought it would be fun to repurpose this lonely window into a colorful garden decoration. My style is a bit global-boho, so I imagined this window creating an uplifting vibe in a medita…
there are many different ways to repurpose old books in this postcard collage
20+ Unique & Creative Upcycled Crafts with Old Books
instructions to make a flower pot with cork
How to Make Kokedama Japanese Art
Japan is the country of origin for bonsai, and it is an old, method of gardening. In bonsai a plant is grown so compact and tightly, then when it is removed from its shallow base, the plant holds its well-grown roots and soil-forming a compact ball. #kokedama #indoorplants #kokedamaplants #indoorgardening #kokedamamaking #easy #makingsteps
a bowl filled with lots of toys on top of a counter
Lego Goldfish
how to make a kokedama hanging garden with instructions on the top and bottom
How to Make Kokedama: Hanging Gardens Perfect for Small Spaces
D.I.Y LEGO Terrariums
snoopy's dog house lego instructions on how to make it with the peanuts
Snoopy and his Dog House LEGO Building Instructions - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Fun Phone Dock Creature Hacks