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a ham and cheese sandwich cut in half on a plate next to a bowl of macaroni and cheese
Cordon Bleu de porc - mini rulade pane cu sunca si cascaval
Bulete de cascaval
a pan filled with meat and sauce on top of a stove next to a spatula
Sos bolognese pentru paste și lasagna (ragu bolognese)
2h 40m
Cartofi carbonara la cuptor
an omelet with bacon and eggs in a glass dish on a table top
Budinca de cartofi si piept de pui
a plate full of cake sitting on top of a wooden table
Prăjitura Lulu – Prăjitura căreia nu îi rezistă niciun gurmand
there is a cake that has been cut in half and placed on a gold platter
Prajitura Tosca (mac, cocos, crema de vanilie)